Festivus Campaign Drive

Yes, it’s that time of the year again where we pester you for gifts of money and other things of value! Don’t you just love it? We certainly do! Last year’s campaign was a smashing success, raising over $20 to fund our organisation’s needs. This year we’re settings our goals high with a target of 100€ in total donations. That’s right, we’re aiming to see an increase of 500%. Coming into the new year, we have a lot of lofty goals in mind so each and every donation is paramount. When interviewed about last year’s drive, our beautiful and loving supporters had the following to say:

“I just love donating money to charitable organisations like yours. It’s like throwing money into a fire without the risk of burning your hut down!” ~Anonymous

“If I give you a quarter will you leave me alone?” ~Janet

“I’m so confused” ~Llama

Thanks for all the support guys! Remember to donate now!

3 thoughts on “Festivus Campaign Drive

  1. Festivus is my FAVORITE time of the year because I get an excuse to DONATE you guys! I don’t even care that I forgo giving presents and that the donation is NOT tax deductible. I just love walruses! I think the 500% increase is too short a goal… you guys should aim for the MOON! Literally! Stack that money high!

  2. Please stop spamming my e-mail and sending me ads by post. I’m getting at least one every single day! Sometimes even more. How did you people even get my address?

    1. Tell you what, send us your SSN and banking information and I’ll see if it’s even possible to take you off the mailing list. We might end up sending you more however. Also, please do not ask us where we get addresses from; that is highly confidential.

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