6 thoughts on “Looks like somebody is into walrus jazz™

  1. Do you know the walrus jazz™? The walrus saxophone makes a noise for the moon and the sun. Only the future knows what the future holds, and the future cries of fortune and music. The walrus dances by the candle flame of Archimedes’ apprentices. Hammurabi watches and judges by his stone fist and bronze heart. Lao Tzu whispers and the walrus answers his prayer. Only the most spiritual iron may be folded into Nobunaga’s blade. Nostradamus failed to answer the Sphynx’ riddle. You may be blessed with a progeny whose reach is endless and whose spirits are boundless. Be prepared for the big band harrowing. Walrus jazz™ is coming. You can’t stop it. You gotta be in the mood to sing, sing, sing.

    1. To answer your question, this is the rare and endangered South Manitoba Walrus. As you may have inferred, they are incredibly talented specimens, and are considered by some to be even more talented than human beings. This particular South Manitoba Walrus is Dame Judi Dench, a true prodigy on the international electro house scene. The music she is playing is “Fusion Jazz Suite in C♭ Minor” by thirteenth century Brazilian composer Johannes Kepler. I highly recommend looking it up! It is a very unique piece!

      The man dancing to her sick beats is her manservant Leon Farview. He is actually a well-known conservationist, and has worked with us and many other organizations to raise walrus awareness, especially in Namibia and Laos. Upon meeting Dame Dench at an oxygen bar, he swore his allegiance to her, and has been her personal majordomo and factotum ever since. So, yes, he is quite qualified to be near her. We applaud Leon’s hard philthalassipossic work!

  2. This jazz is groovy and far-out, man. I’m going to slide smoothly over to donate some sweet, sweet dough to this dude. Y’all should too.

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