Thousands of Walruses Left Defenseless

Thousands of walruses on state sanctuary ‘Round Island’ in Alaska will cease to be served by their human underlings. As reported by The Alaska Dispatch, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is cutting their services to walruses, citing “budget problems” (why they don’t just print some more money like sensible people, I couldn’t say). The annual summer camp staffed by humans to help display the glory of the walrus herds will shut down early this year, and will not return. This may also mean the end tourists pilgrims visits to the nearly 4,000 walruses that inhabit the sanctuary. The effect of this is to cut the walruses effective income by $450,000.

In an interview with the head of the walrus clan, our reporter was told that they are either, “somewhat displeased by the news,” or, “kind of hungry and want some peanut butter,” depending on the translation.

How could you not feel bad for doing this!?
Photo credit USFWS

6 thoughts on “Thousands of Walruses Left Defenseless

  1. Round Island will remain there, it is seldom visited…mostly by walrus and birds and sea lions. the concern is that poaching of the walrus may increase without some oversight in the area. it already happens. i was in Nome last summer and a walrus body was found without it’s head and with the oosik removed. i am trying to start a group to help get out information and get everyone who has an interest in walrus together. first i have started a group on facebook Walrus Advocates of Round Island Sanctuary (WARIS). hopefully i will get a web page up of the same name with the hope of one day creating a non profit to help fund the upkeep of round island. thanks, betsy

    1. Best of luck to you on your non-profit. I think if Round Island was designated a “holy land” like Jerusalem, Rome, Myrtle Beach, etc. that would be super helpful. Then we could build a temple to the Walruses.

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