Faberge Egg Features Walrus

A Faberge egg created by some slacker named “Jeff Koons” has reached $360,000 in an auction. The egg features a walrus and seal design (note: seals are basically an ugly, mustache-less walrus). While the Walrus Association of America has not received any donation related to the auction, we are ever hopeful.

Faberge egg
Faberge egg.
Photo from The Daily Mail (as much as it hurts to write that).

1 thought on “Faberge Egg Features Walrus

  1. Do not worry! I am sure someone will definitely donate! Especially when they realize how much work this amazing organization has done! I, for one, am unable to donate, because I do not have access to a computer, but I am sure someone kind, generous, and thoughtful (hint: it’s you, person reading this!) will definitely share the love.

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