1 thought on “Feed Me Teh Grapez

  1. I would like to add to this by mentioning a bit of the story behind this piece. As many of you know, WAA’s art collection is both prestigious and vast. Many critics have equated it to the Barnes Collection. One critic even went so far as to mention that WAArt is simply the best collection of art on the face of the planet, and no other art collection in history has rivaled it.

    Well, we are happy to announce that we are adding this piece to the collection. Our critics and appraisers, who only have the keenest minds for the most valuable and beautiful art, have been eying this piece for quite some time, and have finally gotten their hands on it. As it turns out, the original artist is a huge fan of ours! We will be adding this to our post-post-pre-modern-inexpressionist exhibit in the very near future, and I encourage all of you to donate money to our causes so that we may keep bringing you our art. As the post says, you may also purchase an authentic original print of this piece from our shop. Do not pass up this opportunity to support WAA! You will be so happy you pitched in to help!

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