First ever Walruscoin transaction!

The first Walruscoin transaction in history was just made! On 5/23/2014 at 22:44, Leo sent answers precisely 500 WAL. The transaction received it’s first confirmation its first realisation that answers is a grammar nazi, as well as it’s first confirmation shortly thereafter, being permenantly recorded in the Walruscoin blockchain.

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    1. I have the only copy sitting on a Raspberry Pie in my office. I might have to delete it soon, because my walrus wants to eat the Pie. I would try to copy it four you, but it’s freaking expensive to find a floppy diskette that large. For the Right Size Donation however, I would do anything.

      In other news, you can buy your very own set of Walruscoins on our store, which will be digitally delivered on a piece of premium, off-white Internet paper, embossed and signed by yours truly.

    1. Due to the impending release of Walruscoin 0.2, we are no longer providing binary copies of Walruscoin 1.0. This new release bring more instability and terrible features than before, and will provide our users with an even worse experience than before. We are incredibly excited.

      Since the fundamental parameters of the software have chained, this is a hardfork and the walruschain will be reset completely. No refunds.

    1. Well, the short of it is that WalrusCoinz is a shameless fork of teh Litecoinz, and the only way to compile it for Windoze is to cross-compile it using their poorly documented process. This also requirez a Lin-ux machine, which I don’t really have at the moment. On the other foot, I might just releaze it for Only MACOS and Linu-x because technically this is a regressive release because it will actually cause more problems and be worse than before (remember, 0.2 < 1.0). Actually, thanks for suggesting that - once I get back from visting the walrus monks in Nepal, I'll say "screw you" to Windows and drop support for it completely! THANKS FOR HELPING, YO!

    2. Quick update for you:

      I actually lied when I said there was bad documentation for Litecoin building process. There is documentation in a different place called “Dog coin” or something like that. I don’t know why they changed the name from “Light coin” to “Dog coin”… What do dogs have to do with light? Wouldn’t “Cat coin” work too? I really don’t like dogs very much, so I would have liked cats better. Anyways, I used the instructions for dogcoin and I actually got pretty far, but then there was an error that I don’t understand. So while I actually did make progress, the end result is that I didn’t make any progress. So there isn’t a new version of this tterribad programme.

      That being said, there is some GOOD news. The GOOD news is that our name isn’t stupid like “dog coin”, it’s walrus coin. Hooray for good naming policies and bureaucracy.

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