Vote for WalrusCoin™ now!


“Well, it works fine unless you do something it doesn’t like.”
Official WalrusCoin™ Slogan

Customer reviews are RAVING

“You’re winning up until you lose.”
Leslie from Pawnee

“It’s not broken, it’s a feature.”
Jonn from Bollywood

“If it crashes, well, now you know what not to do.”
Will from Wilmington

“It wouldn’t crash if you would stop throwing at baron.”
Nubslayer420 from Ur Mom

“Still higher Elo than you.”
Arpad Elo, inventor of Elo

What are you waiting for? When the polling booths open this November, remember to check the box for WalrusCoin™ today!

4 thoughts on “Vote for WalrusCoin™ now!

  1. It doesn’t even work for me, and I created WalrusCoin™! The near-constant crashes are actually helpful in training end users on what not to do when they inevitably screw things up, as well as increasing heart-rates from the extreme frustration. As they say in Oklahoma, “If at first you don’t succeed, try donating some money!”

  2. WalrusCoin should be the official currency of Dignitas.

    WalrusCoin™: Throwing null pointer exceptions at you as fast as Dignitas throws at baron!

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