It’s that time of the year again where we pester you for donations of money and other valuable things (something we totally don’t do during the rest of the year)! The Biannual Walrus Festivus Campaign Drive is fun-filled fundraising event that exploits the need for people to feel good about themselves by donating a large portion of their money to “charities”. At least some of the funds we receive this season will be used to develop a new line of WAA branded teas and hoodies. Initial findings indicate the Tuna flavoured tea is an underserved market that could produce billions of profits and will be wildly successful in the Congo and Tunisia. Head on over to our donate page and send us your cash, money, valuables, and baked goods. We promise that you will feel better for it!*

In addition, the money where

Thank you for your continued support! (tightwads…)

*All promises are non-binding and will not be honoured by anyone. We deny all promising and results.

1 thought on “WAA Festivus Campaign Drive

  1. What quality are the provided “feels” going to be? Are they Canadian or Yugoslavian (or something else)? How much donation do I need to donate to get free same-day shipping on my heavenly reward? I would donate, but the feel-good-feeling has to meet my arbitrary and exacting requirements. I would also prefer to pay in zimbabwean dollars or positive thoughts if at all possible.

    My divine aura says that you are all worthy people at the Walrus Association of America.

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