Christmas News Roundup

I know it’s been a while since our last update, but we’re back with some awesome almost-nearly-Christmas-time news for your walrusing pleasure!

  • Dozer, a loyal Walrus Association of America member, recently moved out of his parents’ basement at the ripe age of 23. After putting on a few pounds to break the 3,600 barrier, Dozer moved to Point Defiance, where he hopes to find a new any girlfriend.
  • Previously, we told you the sad tale of E.T. the Walrus. Our loyal and generous readers will be happy to note that we’ve commissioned a beautiful new statue to be erected at the Point Defiance Zoo and Water Park.

    Funding is estimated to be $130,000 and will come from community donations, The Zoo Society The Walrus Association of America, and the Metro Parks Tacoma Public Art Program. Probably a lot of that is our premier partner, The Walrus Association of America

    — Executive Deputy Director John Norvell

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