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Walrus Association of America

The Walrus Association of America (WAA) is dedicated to the preservation of the habitat and livelihood of the North American Walrus. We achieve this by friendly interaction and natural integration in walrus society, which includes careful planning and consideration for the walrus’ feelings. In addition to our philthalassipossic (that’s walrus-loving) endeavors, we seek only to better humanity. We do not necessarily have any ulterior motives, and here at WAA we reserve the right to claim that we also do not necessarily intend on expanding into other fields and taking over the world with love and peace, but anything is possible. We also possibly have not already put the aforementioned hypothetical plan into motion. Our company is built on hard work and dedication to our cause, and we could not do what we do without support from the people who care. We are (mostly) not robots.

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