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Vote for Love, Vote for Walrus

The “people” over at seem to be under the impression that the Walrus is somehow a contender for the World’s Favourite Unloved Species. Obviously the Walrus is the most loved species in the universe, so we encourage our readers NOT TO VOTE FOR WALRUS. Instead, vote for the filthy Greenland sharks (do you SEE how nasty that water is?).

Filthy greenland shark in it’s self-polluted habitat.

When the Walrus does not we, we will take that as a sign of our victory. It’s also important to note that this false and invalid contest only lets you pick one category, when the Walrus would fit all of them (except for facing threats, there is no threat to Walrus other than the challenge of too much cash money).

The grand and glorious Walrus fits all of these options.


Christmas News Roundup

I know it’s been a while since our last update, but we’re back with some awesome almost-nearly-Christmas-time news for your walrusing pleasure!

  • Dozer, a loyal Walrus Association of America member, recently moved out of his parents’ basement at the ripe age of 23. After putting on a few pounds to break the 3,600 barrier, Dozer moved to Point Defiance, where he hopes to find a new any girlfriend.
  • Previously, we told you the sad tale of E.T. the Walrus. Our loyal and generous readers will be happy to note that we’ve commissioned a beautiful new statue to be erected at the Point Defiance Zoo and Water Park.

    Funding is estimated to be $130,000 and will come from community donations, The Zoo Society The Walrus Association of America, and the Metro Parks Tacoma Public Art Program. Probably a lot of that is our premier partner, The Walrus Association of America

    — Executive Deputy Director John Norvell

Now Hiring – Become a Minion Today!

Have you ever wanted to work for a super-villian an amazing CEO who loves you almost as much as walruses? The Walrus Association of America is now hiring minions to help in the pursuit of Walrus safety and enrichment! We have positions open for everything from writers and meme-generators to investment “specialists” and architects.

Perks include:

  • Your work featured on the official WAA website
  • An unspecified percentage of net profits
  • Official email address
  • The knowledge that you’re saving the world

Apply today by heading over to our Contact Page and telling us what you can do and why we should take you on.

The Walrus Cometh

Very soon, the heir to the Walrus throne will be born in the northern reaches of Quebec. The mother, Arnaliaq, and unborn prince live at the Aquarium du Québec, a massive fortress found in the heart of the empire.

What is even more insane is the presence of the child’s half-sibling in the same place. The products of a creepy love triangle with Boris, Arnaliaq’s baby is due in April, and Samka’s should be born in June.

Obese but glorious, walrus stays fabulous

There’s a fine thick line between being gloriously fat and obesity, but this walrus makes me question everything I knew about putting on some healthy weight. Covered in what looks like strange, fatty globules, viewing the God Amongst Walruses leaves you astounded that such a being could exist, much less be photographed without blinding everyone in sight.

O. M. G.
O. M. G.
Source: Uhh, I guess an Irish dude?

Want to sponsor more images like this? Leave your answer in the comments below and send us some fat wads of cash over here!

Raise Taxes Because Walrus

The ever so insightful Cail Gollins over at the South Manitoba Tribune proposes that we raise the Federal Gas Tax because we need to mitigate the shock of having the lowest petrol prices in years. At first you may think to yourself, “why should I pay more in taxes when I could donate that money to the Walrus Association of America instead?”

“Three reasons the gas tax is… just a coward’s way out.”

–Gail Collins

We’re glad you asked! The Number One reason listed by the writer-who-shall-not-be-named is, and this is a direct quote, “Walruses.” It’s super difficult to argue with that. So go ahead, pay more for gas and give that money to us anyway because you love us.

“Let’s throw something… under the bus.”

–also Gail Collins

Festivus Campaign Drive Ending Soon

Dear Beloved,

Our annual Festivus Campaign Drive is coming to a close this week. Your continued and generous donations of cash, fan art, and assorted other goods are what sustain us. Thank you so very much for being devoted acolytes of the Walrus Association of America. Stay safe, stay warm, and above all stay fat.

With love and furry mustaches,
The WAA Team

P.S. There’s still time to make a donation (or a second! or a third!) before the end of the campaign!

As I sit here in central Washington, I’m reminded of all my glorious forefathers that brought this nation from a wee little tyke to the grumpy father-figure that it is today. Jefferson on my left, flipping a coin over and over again. Lincoln above and below with his sultry smile. Adams, the fattest and most honourable of them all, is to my left. Glorious.

With that, I am going to completely forget about all of those suckers, and beg you for some money. See, I’m here in Washington and it’s freaking snowing outside. Seriously. Snow in December? What is this, Macedonia? The fact is, I need money and I need lots of it if I’m going to make it out of here alive and thawed. Please air drop all donations on the Washington Memorial, which I will proceed to climb and retrieve. If the amount is more than $10.00, I will even send you a picture with the view!

Hurry and send your donations in today!!! This walrus is in need and lacks the blubber to survive!!!