Your monetary contributions matter

Every penny of your donation goes to the Walrus Association of America, so you can feel good about doing the right thing for your community.

What do we do with all this money?

1. Research and Development
Our research team works around the clock to learn more about the North American Walrus and other related species, including endangered species, such as the South Manitoba Walrus and the rare Baja Walrus. Our R&D department is proud to say that they have made immense strides in walrus knowledge over the years, and continue to develop new knowledge every day.

2. Nature Documentaries
We have a skilled crew of nature, history, and science documentary experts who work countless hours in order to make quality content to bring to walrus and human communities alike. The documentary crew are proud to announce that they are in the process of filming a new, groundbreaking feature, but they are always in need of financial support from people who care.

3. Walrus Campaigning and Political Action
Oftentimes, WAA does not get the public exposure it needs. A portion of donation funds is sometimes sent to our political action committee in order to bring the public up to speed on the important issues.

4. Other Endeavors
Sometimes WAA uses donations or portions of donations for other things as well.

Donate today, and make a difference in your community!

WAA is not a 501(c)(3) organization. We reserve the right to use donations for our company’s endeavors only, which include only what we want them to.