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Progress update!

Hey there, guys and gals!

We realize that there are many great multitudes of people from all around the world who follow our website and have been itching for updates on our every move. Unfortunately, we have been so busy here at WAA with our various, vague, nonspecific goings-on that we haven’t had an opportunity to properly update all of our devout readers on some important tidbits of information. So, the purpose of this post is to let you all know about some exciting things we’ve done and some equally exciting things on the horizon!

First off, we have made some very amazing progress with our Political Action Campaign to fight the war on walrus poverty. Wyoming State Congress finally knows that we have a mission, and we even got one of our very own Walrus Party members a spot on the ballot thanks to all your hard work (he didn’t win a seat, but he came in a respectable second, with 13% of the vote)! Next time we’ll get it for sure! We could not have done it without all of your support, especially from all those who attended the Walk for Walrus in San Francisco last July.

Speaking of the Walk for Walrus, we had the absolute best turnout yet! A local news article estimated that at least 80 people showed up throughout the afternoon to make their voices heard. We’re very proud of everyone who could attend, and look forward to another great turnout next summer.

We are also excited to announce that we have received some amazing fan art from our supporters! Here is a sample of their stunning work:


Finally, we are very excited to announce that our documentary team is making progress on their documentary, and we are assured that filming will begin in the very near future! This is all thanks to your donations and support. Please continue to give generously! We won’t let you down!

Until next time, pals!