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Obese but glorious, walrus stays fabulous

There’s a fine thick line between being gloriously fat and obesity, but this walrus makes me question everything I knew about putting on some healthy weight. Covered in what looks like strange, fatty globules, viewing the God Amongst Walruses leaves you astounded that such a being could exist, much less be photographed without blinding everyone in sight.

O. M. G.
O. M. G.
Source: Uhh, I guess an Irish dude?

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Festivus Campaign Drive Ending Soon

Dear Beloved,

Our annual Festivus Campaign Drive is coming to a close this week. Your continued and generous donations of cash, fan art, and assorted other goods are what sustain us. Thank you so very much for being devoted acolytes of the Walrus Association of America. Stay safe, stay warm, and above all stay fat.

With love and furry mustaches,
The WAA Team

P.S. There’s still time to make a donation (or a second! or a third!) before the end of the campaign!