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Vote for WalrusCoin™ now!


“Well, it works fine unless you do something it doesn’t like.”
Official WalrusCoin™ Slogan

Customer reviews are RAVING

“You’re winning up until you lose.”
Leslie from Pawnee

“It’s not broken, it’s a feature.”
Jonn from Bollywood

“If it crashes, well, now you know what not to do.”
Will from Wilmington

“It wouldn’t crash if you would stop throwing at baron.”
Nubslayer420 from Ur Mom

“Still higher Elo than you.”
Arpad Elo, inventor of Elo

What are you waiting for? When the polling booths open this November, remember to check the box for WalrusCoin™ today!

The Birth of Walruscoin

The Walrus Association of America is proud to announce the creation and birth of our very own cryptocurrency, Walruscoin! After much time spent attempting to produce a valid MerkleRoot hash, the genesis block was mined at precisely 1400237336 (that’s Friday, 16 May 2014 10:48:56 GMT for those of you who can’t read Epoch time). While the *nix daemons were built quickly and easily, it was another 3 days before a usable OSX Qt client was built and 7 days before Walruscoin-qt for Windoze was “finalized”.1

walruscoin splash

The wallet art was done by our very own answers and prominently features the profile of a glorious walrus. While the source code and client are not being released to the public at this time, you may contact us for a copy if you are interested.

  • Genesis block nTime: 1400237336
  • Genesis block MerkleRoot: 0x5ab5c473bfb59e2e8e1f071e248a0627be70a8a6bfa78f71494055d038908c98
  • Retarget Timespan: 1 Hour
  • Block Time Target: 5.75 Minutes

1 I say “finalized” because it’s hugely unstable and crashes if you so much as think something it doesn’t like.