WAA offers many training programs related to our activities throughout the year. Be sure to check back for updates when your desired activity comes in season!

Currently, we are offering various different programs:

Swimming and Sustained Oceanic Survival
Although this might look like your regular old swimming class for useless tiny tater tots, it’s not. It is so much more. Have you ever been swimming at sea and lost track of land? You could have sworn it was there just a minute ago! While in this situation, weren’t you hungry? Thirsty? Of course you weren’t thirsty. There was delicious water all around you. But you were hungry. Don’t deny it. Well, the Swimming and Sustained Oceanic Survival course will teach you all you need to know in order to survive the rest of your life lost at sea!

First Walrus Aid
Have you ever needed to perform open heart surgery on a walrus? This common situation can be very embarrassing to the unprepared. After taking this crash course, you’ll never be caught with your pants down again! You will learn everything from walrus anatomy to walrus tracheotomy to walrus breast implants and more! This life changing, all-encompassing course in walrus first aid is very highly recommended!

Walrus is one of the few courses WAA offers year round, because its vital importance cannot be missed. Walrus will teach you highly valuable skills that will allow you walrus more often. Upon successful completion of the course, when you walrus you will feel walrus before you even knew walrus! Walrus is important for both walrus and humankind, and will always come in handy. Our walrus course is the most comprehensive on the planet, backed by scientific evidence as well as shining testimony! So WAAt are you waiting for? Walrus!

In order to find a training program that suits you, or for more details, please contact us!